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  1. Pickup/Early 4Runner Tech
    Looking for some help in locating the rear windows glass for a 1988 1st gen 4Runner. About a year ago, some thugs roamed thru our neighborhood late one night and kindly broke out the windows of a number of vehicles in our area including the rear window of my 1988 4Runner. Little did I know at...
  2. Parts/Electronics/Wheels/Tires
    1st Gen Tacoma 95-04 - Three Five - 555 - Outer Tie Rod - RH - Passenger - NEW! $40.00 + Shipping takes it. Think these are about $65.00 over at LRO
  3. Parts/Electronics/Wheels/Tires
    Brand new Three Five (555) inner tie rod left or right for 1st Gen Tacoma -1995-2004 Bought 2 of these and only ended up needing one. I think these go for about $30 over at LRO $20 + Shipping and it's all yours.
1-3 of 3 Results