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    Hi ya'll, I just picked up my "new" '97 4Runner today and am hella pumped on it. It's in amazing shape for an East Coast ting but I wanna keep it that way. I'm just guessing it needs a timing belt and a couple other things, and ideally just a really knowledgable once-over from an informed 3rd...
  2. Newbie Tech
    Hey all, I recently purchased the Hilux snorkel for my 99 4runner. Amazon claimed that it fits my engine (3RZ FE). It does not. The stock air filter box is not able to attach to the rubber tubing from the snorkel. Through my research, I have seen that this snorkel works fine on the 3.4 V6 air...
  3. Late 4Runner Tech
    Hey there saw this forum recommend so I thought I’d see if any of y’all could help me out. I have a 2000 4Runner SR5 3.4L to get it out of the way. My issue is that the lever that controls my steering wheel up and down adjustment gets stuck. I have taken off the column covers and have located...
  4. Vehicles/Trailers
    This is going to hurt...(it did hurt) SOLD!!! Located in San Diego, California, but I am from the Bay Area and I could be convinced to drive the truck up there for a sale. 99 4Runner SR5 4WD Highlander Edition $9,000 (craigslist will be $10,000) This truck runs perfectly. She's been the most...
  5. General Discussions
    Hey guys, Looking for a place near Denver to level my 2017 4Runner - just moved here recently so any recommendations would be appreciated. Also, if you know a rough price range at any place recommended that would help greatly. Cheers guys
  6. 91 runner on 40" boggers

    91 runner on 40" boggers

    this is my soon to be 91 runner. just have to go pick it up. sas, chevy 35,turbo350 tranny, np205 transfer case, locked rar axle, longfield limited slip front axle, full msd ignition, aluminum radiator with dual electric fans, 10" lift, 40"tsl boggers and much more
  7. New Engine

    New Engine

    Blew a hole in the side of the old 3.0. So deciding on a small lexus v8 or brand new 3.0. hmm...
  8. my missed 4Runner

    my missed 4Runner

    i want it back so i dont have to care about scratches and dents on my FJ
  9. 4Runnin in the mud

    4Runnin in the mud

    I miss my 4Runner
  10. Wheelin 4runner

    Wheelin 4runner

    Snow wheelin
  11. Family Hauler

    Family Hauler

  12. 3rd Toy 95 4-Runner

    3rd Toy 95 4-Runner