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  1. Big Shallow Puddle 002

    Trying to run over the photographer on the way out of the puddle.
  2. Big Shallow Puddle 001

    Looks like a lake but not much more than a couple inches deep. I was sure worried heading towards it though.
  3. Hill Descent 001

    View from the back of the truck as we descended down the cut line.
  4. Puddle 003

    Stupid puddle had a bit more of a lip to it on the other side.
  5. Puddle 002

    ... maybe splash the photographer as I drive.
  6. Puddle 001

    What a small little puddle.
  7. Hill Descent 001

    Not sure why I am uploading these ... man are they weak.
  8. Hill Climb 002

    Woo hoo ... made it to the top.
  9. Hill Climb 001

    Here I am about to climb what I thought was a steep hill. Wrong. ...and the photos show what a pansy I am.
1-9 of 9 Results