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  1. off-road paint scheme

    the type of mud that doesn't want to come off (w/o lots of scrubbing)
  2. 03-17-2007

    truck looks good
  3. Group photo

    CoTTORA Trail Run, Yankee Hill Rd, 03-04-2007. Won't be able to get a pic there anymore, since they blocked off that clearing. :-(
  4. ...wash me

    time for a bath...after a fun day on the trail
  5. Ptarmigan Pass, Colorado

    Heading down the trail at Ptarmigan Pass
  6. Colorado Winter Fun

    I was really glad to be able to get through that December, 2006 snow storm. There sure were a LOT of frustrated people then.
  7. TacoBoat?

    ...anyone bring the water skis?
  8. Ptarmigan Pass trail, Colorado

    Traveling the trail on a beautiful July day (2006)
  9. Parking lot show-off

    Hanging out in the parking lot
1-10 of 10 Results