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  1. Light it up

    My 91 Toyota Pickup at night with the 100watt flood lights on.
  2. off-road crash front view

    We tried getting up over a huge, very steep, muddy hill and just as we reached the top the motor stalled sending us flying back down the hill and into the trees below. Smashed the tail light and put some dents on it, broke a lug nut off and smashed the exhaust. The tree on the passenger side was kno
  3. Nice little ride

    Took off for a short little ride in the woods of Calais, ME
  4. My 91 Toyota Pickup

    After weeks of work the 91 Pickup is up and running again. It still needs a lot of work. I'll soon be putting on an ARB front bumper and a 4 inch suspension lift with 33x10.5 BFG MTs.
  5. BBQ on the tail gates

    After a long night of some tough off-road driving on an old trail we decided to dig out the coolers and BBQ and have us some grub.
  6. 97 Taco in deep water

    This is my friend's stock 97 Tacoma driving through almost 3 feet of water.
  7. Trail riding in Maine

    Sweet trail in Maine!!
  8. Flexing on a rock

    This has been one of the best trails I have found in the state of Maine. It's a technical trail while at the same time being safe.
  9. Off-Roading in Maine

    This spot is in Harrington, Maine. I cant wait to get back out there this summer with my 2 trucks and new tires.
  10. Water anyone

    Not sure how deep it was for sure but I'm guessing atleast 3 to 4 feet deep. This water hole is known to get up to 7 feet deep in the spring time.
  11. Out on a trail in Maine

    Just another day out in the Maine woods for this 91 Toyota Ext. Cab. with 31' TSL Super Swampers.
1-13 of 13 Results