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  1. Early Tacoma Tech
    I currently have the Toytec 3'' lift with Dakar rear springs. This has allowed me to get by with 33''s, but of course they rub a bit. I am going to do a SAS coming up over the next couple months and was looking for a bit of advise. I know there are tons of threads on the matter, but I don't...
  2. 91 runner on 40" boggers

    this is my soon to be 91 runner. just have to go pick it up. sas, chevy 35,turbo350 tranny, np205 transfer case, locked rar axle, longfield limited slip front axle, full msd ignition, aluminum radiator with dual electric fans, 10" lift, 40"tsl boggers and much more
  3. Wheelin 4runner

    Snow wheelin
1-3 of 3 Results