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  1. Parts/Electronics/Wheels/Tires
    1st Gen Tacoma 95-04 - Three Five - 555 - Outer Tie Rod - RH - Passenger - NEW! $40.00 + Shipping takes it. Think these are about $65.00 over at LRO
  2. Parts/Electronics/Wheels/Tires
    Brand new Three Five (555) inner tie rod left or right for 1st Gen Tacoma -1995-2004 Bought 2 of these and only ended up needing one. I think these go for about $30 over at LRO $20 + Shipping and it's all yours.
  3. Ryan's New Taco

    Ryan's New Taco

    Ryan got rid of his Chevy & got this Taco it had only about 1,700 on when this photo was taken!!!
  4. stuck the mud

    stuck the mud

    taco stuck in mud hole
  5. Taco


    bad picture
  6. My little Taco

    My little Taco