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  1. Tell us who you are
    Hey all I'm Cannon, I just finished Nursing school and I needed transportation that is 100% reliable and affordable. I started my search with used because I figured I couldn't swing a new car payment with school loans. I haven't looked at the used cars in years and I found the prices to be...
  2. Parts/Electronics/Wheels/Tires
    1st Gen Tacoma 95-04 - Three Five - 555 - Outer Tie Rod - RH - Passenger - NEW! $40.00 + Shipping takes it. Think these are about $65.00 over at LRO
  3. Parts/Electronics/Wheels/Tires
    Brand new Three Five (555) inner tie rod left or right for 1st Gen Tacoma -1995-2004 Bought 2 of these and only ended up needing one. I think these go for about $30 over at LRO $20 + Shipping and it's all yours.
  4. Parts/Electronics/Wheels/Tires
    Located in Charlotte NC: I bought these a few years ago with he intent to upgrade my 1st gen Tacoma but it turns out 33" tires on 16" wheels are cost prohibitive so I'm going with 17s. I purchased them from the original owner who kept the lug nuts and the tires sensors but he gave me the factory...
  5. Parts/Electronics/Wheels/Tires
    Located in Charlotte NC. I'm upgrading wheels and tires. Original owner so I can vouch for them. Wheels are currently plastic-dipped black. There are only minor blemishes underneath. The plastic center caps however, did not age well but I have them and they look fine plastic-dipped. The tires...
  6. 1998 zombie tacoma

    1998 zombie tacoma

    this is my 98 tacoma 2.7 4x4. no major mods, but the truck is well equipped with what i need (for now )
  7. '07 Taco 4x4.

    '07 Taco 4x4.

    before and far.
  8. 01 TRD quad cab w/ 9 inches of lift. & 5spd swap

    01 TRD quad cab w/ 9 inches of lift. & 5spd swap

    bought this truck as a salvage, it was hit in the side...didn't take much to fix it, & now u can't tell. it is a 2001 tacoma 4-door 3.4L. i didn't get stickers since paint, but its a TRD, a real one (unlinke my 95.5 clone), has bilsteins & E-locker. i bought it with a 6" suspension lift
  9. lifted tacoma

    lifted tacoma

    my 3 inch lifted 98 tacoma new pro comp lift kit just installed
  10. Windy Point, Tranfer Trail, Colorado

    Windy Point, Tranfer Trail, Colorado

    Cliff edge
  11. 2000 TRD

    2000 TRD

  12. mud


  13. more mud

    more mud

  14. Water Play

    Water Play

    Just messin around the edge of the lake.
  15. Mud puddle

    Mud puddle

  16. Ready for action...

    Ready for action...

  17. Truck and Bike

    Truck and Bike

  18. Air Wheeling...

    Air Wheeling...

  19. Down the rock pt.2

    Down the rock pt.2

  20. Under the truck

    Under the truck