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  1. 1998 zombie tacoma

    1998 zombie tacoma

    this is my 98 tacoma 2.7 4x4. no major mods, but the truck is well equipped with what i need (for now )
  2. '07 Taco 4x4.

    '07 Taco 4x4.

    before and far.
  3. 01 TRD quad cab w/ 9 inches of lift. & 5spd swap

    01 TRD quad cab w/ 9 inches of lift. & 5spd swap

    bought this truck as a salvage, it was hit in the side...didn't take much to fix it, & now u can't tell. it is a 2001 tacoma 4-door 3.4L. i didn't get stickers since paint, but its a TRD, a real one (unlinke my 95.5 clone), has bilsteins & E-locker. i bought it with a 6" suspension lift
  4. lifted tacoma

    lifted tacoma

    my 3 inch lifted 98 tacoma new pro comp lift kit just installed
  5. Windy Point, Tranfer Trail, Colorado

    Windy Point, Tranfer Trail, Colorado

    Cliff edge
  6. 2000 TRD

    2000 TRD

  7. mud


  8. more mud

    more mud

  9. Water Play

    Water Play

    Just messin around the edge of the lake.
  10. Mud puddle

    Mud puddle

  11. Ready for action...

    Ready for action...

  12. Truck and Bike

    Truck and Bike

  13. Air Wheeling...

    Air Wheeling...

  14. Down the rock pt.2

    Down the rock pt.2

  15. Under the truck

    Under the truck

  16. Going down the rocks

    Going down the rocks

    I came down the rocks, following pics will show further
  17. Down the hill

    Down the hill

  18. Round the bend

    Round the bend

  19. Busted up shock

    Busted up shock

    Here's my shock that I broke out wheeling.... also put a huge slash in my tire... at least I got home
  20. FUN


    Offroading through Holcomb creek trying to get to Lake Arrowhead from Big Bear. Highway 18 was closed due to fire.