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  1. T-100 Tech
    Hey everyone, I’m new to the site due to needing some serious help with my 3.4L. I’ve had toyota mechanics try and help diagnose over the phone many time since I’m in the middle of the desert in AZ, but after 6 months of trying everything I still have the same issue. I am mechanical but by no...
  2. Parts/Electronics/Wheels/Tires
    Brand new Three Five (555) inner tie rod left or right for 1st Gen Tacoma -1995-2004 Bought 2 of these and only ended up needing one. I think these go for about $30 over at LRO $20 + Shipping and it's all yours.
  3. Vehicles/Trailers
    This is going to hurt...(it did hurt) SOLD!!! Located in San Diego, California, but I am from the Bay Area and I could be convinced to drive the truck up there for a sale. 99 4Runner SR5 4WD Highlander Edition $9,000 (craigslist will be $10,000) This truck runs perfectly. She's been the most...
  4. Lets Talk About Wheelin!
    I think we need a wave for Toyota owners to use to greet other rigs in on the road. I’m a little jealous of jeep owners and a couple of other brand and how they have waves. So i think we need to make a hand sign/ wave. I make a surfs up sign but i point it at them and shake side to side...
  5. Black ice

    Driving home on Christmas eve and hit some black ice. 1994 Toyota pickup 4x4 3.0 V6 only had 143,000 miles.
  6. 91 Toyota Pickup

    My truck after a full night of offroading.
  7. toyota

    Toyota Pickup Lockers front,rear dual cases longfeild axles staun internal beadlocks 36in swampwers many more upgrades
  8. Almost Wedged

    Holy Jim (Trabuco Creek) - 06.03.12
1-9 of 9 Results