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  1. Tell us who you are
    Hey all I'm Cannon, I just finished Nursing school and I needed transportation that is 100% reliable and affordable. I started my search with used because I figured I couldn't swing a new car payment with school loans. I haven't looked at the used cars in years and I found the prices to be...
  2. 01 TRD quad cab w/ 9 inches of lift. & 5spd swap

    bought this truck as a salvage, it was hit in the side...didn't take much to fix it, & now u can't tell. it is a 2001 tacoma 4-door 3.4L. i didn't get stickers since paint, but its a TRD, a real one (unlinke my 95.5 clone), has bilsteins & E-locker. i bought it with a 6" suspension lift
  3. 2000 TRD

  4. front 05+ TRD Tacoma Shocks

    Shocks off of a 05+ TRD Toyota Tacoma
  5. New 2007 DCab Offroad 4x4 TRD

    This is my new project. I rolled my 2001 dcab, so I got this one and am starting immediately with the changes. Watch it transform.
1-8 of 8 Results