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Hey guys, I use to frequent this forum when I had my 00 Xtracab. I had a lot of things planned for her. Had purchased c/o. alcan leafs, etc. Sold her to a member her and drove a beater for a while. A year ago, I picked up a 08 Tundra DC. Leveled it on 5100s, 35s, bushwacker flares, intake, long tube, etc. She runs great, she also swallows fuel. 12mpg hwy.

I will be moving to Idaho in a few weeks and I was thinking of going back to a Tacoma. Looking into the 05+ DCSB 4x4. I know a little about them, just not enough at the moment.

Interior space? Is it comparable to the 1st gen AC Tundra? They look just as wide and the cab seems to be similar in size.

How big is the short bed? 5ft? Any problem with it being plastic vs metal?

Power? I will definitely be looking for the 4.0 (I have been spoiled by the 5.7) Does the regular bolt ons produce a noticable gain? Intake and long tubes?

I want to build a vehicle that can do different terrains, mild rock crawling, trails, sand dunes. From what I have read I was first leaning into a C/O, UCA setup with 10leaf pack in the rear + body armor/f/r/sliders. Then I started reading into long travel. Specifically the All pro long travel. It seems that its designed to be a go anywhere front end suspension. What do you guys think?

My Tundra.
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