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My 2000 tacoma,v6,112k miles,with automatic transmission started slipping last week.It all started when it was like 10 below 0 with the windchill.It only slipped when starting out in drive w/overdrive on.Once I got moving,I drove about 3 city blocks came to a stop and it drove off like nothing ever happened????The tranny seems only to slip when it is below 10 degrees?It has not slipped in a few days!Today after work I back out of the parking spot put it in drive with o/d on,I let off the brake and I could feel the truck was starting drive away without pressing accelerator pedal.I am thinking cool(it must of fixed itself lol) I give it some gas, starts slipping?I throw it in 1st gear and it takes right off with no slipping whats so ever??I am hoping somebody can point me in the right direction in what to look for.
Thanks Ron

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There are numerous suspect areas:

Can be fixed on-vehicle:
Slip or shudder (Forward and reverse)
1. Throttle cable
2. Transmission control rod
3. Oil strainer
4. Pressure relief valve
5. Off–vehicle repair matrix chart

Slip or shudder (Particular position)
1. Throttle cable
2. Transmission control rod
3. Off–vehicle repair matrix chart

Off-vehicle only:
Slip or shudder (Forward and reverse / After warm–up)
1. Torque converter clutch
2. O/D one–way clutch (F0)
3. O/D direct clutch (C0)

Slip or shudder (Forward and reverse / Just after engine starts)
1. Torque converter clutch

Slip or shudder (R position)
1. Direct clutch (C2)
2. 1st & reverse brake (B3)

Slip or shudder (1st)
1. Forward clutch (C1)
2. No. 2 one–way clutch (F2)

Slip or shudder (2nd)
1. 2nd brake (B2)
2. 2nd coast brake (B1)
3. No. 1 one–way clutch (F1)

I recommend taking the truck to a dealership or a shop that specializes in [automatic] transmission diagnosis and repair.
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