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I have four (4) factory Tacoma alloys to get rid of. They are 16x7s and are painted black with Krylon Rust Stopper paint in a semi-flat finish. One wheel has rock rash around the entire outer ring, but the weights are still on.

The alloys are mounted on Mastercraft Courser MSR mud-and-snow-rated tires. The tires came studded but the studs removed for summer use. The tread is at 50%, maybe a little more, and as the picture shows, the tires are siped. I took them to Moab in October '04 and they performed very well, which I would attribute to the siping.

That picture is a little cock-eyed, LOL, but it gives you an idea of the tread.

I am located in Ogden, Utah, (northern Utah) but I'm willing to drive an hour or so to deliver.

I'm looking to get $250 for the set.

Thank you,
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