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05 or newer bumper

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Just wondering if any of you guys have a silver bumper laying around for an 05+ tacoma mine was backed into and its gonna be $500 to fix so I figure I might as well try to find one elsewhere.
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Sorry guys I mean't to put this in the Wanted section, anyway I'm in Harrisonburg VA but I'm willing to pay shipping for one if the price is right.
If he is interested could you ask him to snap a couple of pics. Thanks for all the help. My grandfather hit me and I feel kinda bad asking him to pay $500 to get it fixed if I can get one that somebody has laying around that they aren't going to use cheaper. As for the fabbed up bumper, I'd love it but i'm thinking about selling the truck and going back to an older taco due to getting married this summer.
I'm looking for the front bumper cover, (my truck is an 05 access cab trd offroad 4x4), however i'm looking for one in good shape, mine is still useable and doesn't look too bad but I'm going to put my truck up for sale soon and want it looking 100%
i'm still looking for a silver front bumper cover 05+, if anybody has one in good shape that they want to get rid of let me know
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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