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Which Taco Should I get?

05 Taco or Used Taco?

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Hi all-
I am new to this site and am amazed by it! I am looking into buying a 4x4 Taco. Now the Deliema.... new or used? I grew up in Jeeps, and just sold my last one with 38 swampers, Holly Fuel inj, blah blah blah... and now stuck in a Lexus! I have been eyeballing the Double Cab Taco since they came out. I like the 05 since they now have the 6 speed (i hate Auto), I will mainly use it for my 30mile commute, but also camping (which I miss) and playing in. I am jealous of all you guys out there with Tacos and for now I am a wannabe until I pick what I want.

I am seeing the pros of a used Taco because it seems like there are more parts and more mod readily available. but the huge con is the no manual trany. What do you think? Any pic or links you can help me out with would be great! Thanks for all of your help, I look forward to your replies!
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If you truly want a manual, I would definetly get the '05...definetly a big increase in power (We have an 05 4 runner and you can certainly feel the difference) and better mileage, parts will be out soon enough for it. Also having an '03 D-Cab I wouldn't want anything bigger on the trail or camping then it already is...if it were me, I would pick up a year or old one with under 30k on it...use the extra $5k and do some lifting and tires...just my .02 worth.
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