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05' Taco paint chipping!!

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I've read about this problem on other forums, is anyone here having problems with their paint chipping on the new taco's. If so, lets here what issues you’re having with your paint. I personally haven’t had a problem yet but I want to know what to look for if something does occur. Thanks,

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05 paint

I just got my 05 and within 500 miles I had lots of flaking of the paint.
Long story short, I went all the way up the chain to Toyota Corporate and complained about the POS paint job.
After much passing the buck, etc. I got the call that they would only paint the sides, blah,
More paint began to flake aroung door edges, etc.
I went all the way to the owner and stated in very clear terms that I wanted the entire truck repainted, or a new vehicle.
They eventually caved and said they would make it right, after I told them I would be picketing their dealership.
You would be amazed how much they can get done is its uncomfortable enough for them.
For 32k, the paint had better be phenomenal. My 94 Geo has never had any problems, and its a POS commuter.
Raise hell and dont accept any bullshit excuses. Toyota Corporate is aware, and the more complaints they get that are documented, the sooner this will be handled.
We are the consumer, and this is an unacceptable level of quality for my money. I would hope Toyota would understand this concept. :D
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paint pics

Toy truck,
Those chips are IDENTICAL to mine. In the exact same spot on the rear section.
Raise hell with Toyota and show them the pics.
The more documented complaints, especially with photos will result in them taking responsibility for it.
At this point Im thinking Nissan trucks dont have this problem... :rolleyes:
Dealer not getting back to you..

I waited for people to get back to me, and then I got tired of waiting, as I obviously wasnt a priority, so I made myself a priority.
Go to the service manager, then the gen. manager, then the owner, and call Toyota Corporate every time someone doesnt call.
You would be amazed how Toyota lights a fire under their ass.
I even hear it from Toyota reps, unofficially, that the Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease...
Be a pain in the ass...If you screwed them they sure would be!! :D
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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