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05' Taco paint chipping!!

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I've read about this problem on other forums, is anyone here having problems with their paint chipping on the new taco's. If so, lets here what issues you’re having with your paint. I personally haven’t had a problem yet but I want to know what to look for if something does occur. Thanks,

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My 2003's paint started chipping as soon as I got it. Showed the dealer and they said they would fix it but just the areas where it had chipped.It was mainly in front of the rear tires ahead of the flare.Coming from the rocks that I kick up going down gravel roads. I did not want to get just the area in concern fixed to have it happen again in the same spot so I just had he whole bottom 1/4 Line-xed and it has done way better than any repainting,larger mudflaps or flares and even that protective 3m film too. It looks very good on the dark green I have. I did not have any other chips like the ones the 05's are getting so I would have done what shibumi did. Sure wish brothers dumbass gf did not do a burnout(not enough common sense) on me in a gravel lot I would be paint chip free,but i got here back on a wooded trail where i cold get mud and water in the trees which then ended up dripping down on her and her topless Heep.LOL

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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