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05 Tacoma Crew Cab 4wd Automatic... no 4 banger?

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05 Tacoma Crew Cab \ double cab 4wd Automatic... no 4 banger?

Im just wondering why has the 4 banger gone away from this particular class of the pickup world? I know Nissan doesnt offer one with their Frontier (not sure if they ever had a 4 banger). For those that are interested in economy and gas savings, theres no option, unless you go down to a 2wd 2dr cab. I dont even think the domestics offer such an option.


Is it because they feel the extra weight of crew cab with 4wd would stress a 4 cycl? I believe the older xtra cabs were available in the 4wd 4 cycl autos, so how much more weight would it be to go up to the crew cab? I would think with todays progress in engines, we could have a 4 cycl with more hp than those older trucks.

Any insight appreciated.

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It's probably because Toyota didn't sell enough of them so it's not fiscally responsible for them to make it. That's how Toyota keeps making profits while GM, and Ford keep losing money. Unfortunatly for those that would buy a 4 banger D/Cab Toyota's in the business of making money.
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