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05 Tacoma Crew Cab 4wd Automatic... no 4 banger?

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05 Tacoma Crew Cab \ double cab 4wd Automatic... no 4 banger?

Im just wondering why has the 4 banger gone away from this particular class of the pickup world? I know Nissan doesnt offer one with their Frontier (not sure if they ever had a 4 banger). For those that are interested in economy and gas savings, theres no option, unless you go down to a 2wd 2dr cab. I dont even think the domestics offer such an option.


Is it because they feel the extra weight of crew cab with 4wd would stress a 4 cycl? I believe the older xtra cabs were available in the 4wd 4 cycl autos, so how much more weight would it be to go up to the crew cab? I would think with todays progress in engines, we could have a 4 cycl with more hp than those older trucks.

Any insight appreciated.

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DCabTaco said:
You know it wasn't offered for 2001 -2004 Dcab 4x4s either.

All I can say is with the sluggish feel I had on the stock V6 with my Dcab, I wouldn't want a 4, but I know that doesn't answer your question. Maybe a search and comparing the weight of the different styles might give us a better idea as to why Toyota wouldn't offer it. My guess is the potential of the added weight of 5 adults and cargo while offroading is what they had concerns about.
I have personally seen a 2004 4cyl DCAB Auto. It was at a toyota used car lot becasue the owner traded it in for a 6cyl.

Personally I'm glad toyota doesn't make a Dcab Auto 4cyl 05.. It just gives the Tacoma a bad name.
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