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05 Tacoma Optional Skid Plate Cracked!

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I posted this over on the Tundra Solutions but thought I'd post it here too in case someone else is having this problem.

Ok I have an 05 Tacoma DC Shortbed and I have the optional skid plate. I have had issues with it vibrating since I had it put on. Well I was getting ready to make an appointment with the dealership because the vibration has gotten worse. It used to only vibrate when I got caught in crosswinds and such but lately it has gotten so much worse. To the point where it was vibrating so much I went to take the d!%& thing off myself when I got home tonight. I crawl down and I'm like WTF! It's cracked!!! No wonder it has been vibrating so bad! The crack goes all the way through, it's not just on the surface. It is going to the dealer in the morning! I know the crack is recent because I was just looking at the skid plate and the entire underbody last week when I changed the oil. I love this truck but WTF is up with the skid plate! :mad: Sorry but I am ticked off about this! I have never been off roading, not even over a curb in this truck, in fact I admit it....I pamper the darn thing! Here is a pic of the crack.

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That is exactly what I was thinking..... time to upgrade!!!!
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