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'05 V6 tacoma

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Can anyone tell me if a K&N intake kit for a '04 4-runner V-6 will fit my '05 Tacoma V-6? In pictures, they look very similar. K&N claims they don't have anything for the new model yet.
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i'm guessing it wont...but theyre trash anyways so why would you want one?
waste your money if you want...gadget has dyno charts showing a loss in power on an 3.4L V6 after the FIPK was put on, so i doubt it'll help the 4.0 if it even fits
the deckplate mod gave 6hp or so on the 3.4, so chances are it will give more on the 4.0...hard to say though, the intake might be designed better on the 4.0. from what i've heard the amsoil filter is better than the k&n
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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