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1" RB Body lift?

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Well I have used the search method to try and find some info on what the best/ most reliable and durable body lift out there is? Its seems like a lot of you guys are running the Roger Brown lifts. I just have a few questsions. I am only interested in doing a 1" lift along with a new OME kit to clear some 32"x11.5". My truck is mostly a rode queen, but definetley sees some harsh on and off road conditions. I never beat the livin' crap out of my truck off-road. I work on a very bumpy/pot-hole infested road, and thats pretty much the worst of what my truck sees. So I guess my question is, have people who use their trucks for mainly commute and some moderate off-roading experienced any of the problems/risks that go along with body-lifts? ALso, is the body lift worth it? (as far as install goes) ANy info is appreciated. Thanks.
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Yea, I have definetly thought about getting the 882's but am worried about the CV angles and ball joints. Unless, this isn't a problem. I never really plan on getting an after market bumper or winch. Check my sig for engine and body style. The othere factor is that I don;t off-road frequently. So , I have heard I can get away will clearling 32"s with the 881 coils. AM I wrong?
Thanks for the input. Not going with the Body lift would save me mucho tiempo. Yea, that woul dbe a nice little set up with new upper control arms but is not in the bidget anytime soon. Is the settling of the 882's from 3" to 2.5" goind to happen even if I do not do a lot of off-roading? Lik ei said before, my biggest worry is CV and ball jonit wear. Do a lot of highway driving and want no maintenace problems. Just want an improved suspension over my TRD and a little lift for some bigger tires. Will this be a failry hastle free setup?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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