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So my 15x8" Wheeler steelies have started to show some serious rust... especially along the bead and are starting to flake... so Its definitely time for some new wheels ASAP.

I would like to order a wheel that doesnt weigh 50lbs and isnt going to rust in the Mid Atlantic Winters.

I know there are a million and a half 15" wheel threads but I wanted to ask about 2 in particular and see if there was anyone currently running them or if they are known to fit a 2003 Prerunner.

#1 :
AR Baja 15x8
3.74 BS
-19 Offset

Black Rock Yuma 908M
3.75 BS
-19 Offset

I have "read" the AR Baja fit but nothing on specs/pics - no word on Yumas.

Any insight on either would be great - would like to order these soon.
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