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WooDah said:
What toyota 15" rim, will fit a 04 dcab? I have 16" rims but i want 15" rims with my snow tires. Will pre96 taco rims fit? will it hit the caliper?
I dont know about the 15" toyota rim but checkout and they will have a 15" black steel rim thats pretty cool. I got their 16" black alloys and now i wish i got those steel rims instead because tires are so much cheaper. My buddy has a 2001 denali that has a 17" rim and it runs 265/70R17, the same tire size as the 2001-2004 tacoma except his is a 17" and i have a 16", his tire is cheaper than mine only because 16" is a odd size.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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