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15lb. Ultimate Air CO2 - Powertank

I have a 15lbs Ultimate Air CO2 tank with regulator, coil hose and vehicle mount for sale. Asking $300, located in Denver, CO. NO shipping.

The tank was re-certified in July, 2014, so it will not need to be re-certified again until July, 2019.
It is in VERY good condition, it was only used a handful of times. The mount has some sun-fading on the powdercoat because it was mounted to the vehicle year-round, but the tank was only mounted during use, so it is in great shape.

The regulator is MADE IN THE USA and high quality solid brass.
The quick-disconnects are 1-hand operation type and also high quality solid brass construction.

Ultimate air is no longer made,but is comparable to Powertank.
The equivalent system from Powertank retails for $512.44 plus shipping and is currently on sale for $409.95 plus shipping.
See it here:

I am asking $300 for this system.

List Date: 7/30/2015
Location: Denver, CO, United States

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 15lb. Ultimate Air CO2 - Powertank


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