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15x8 Backspacing for Fabtec lift.

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Could anyone please tell me what kind of back spacing I would need to run on 15x8 on a 6" Fabtech lift, I also have a 2" body lift. I have 15x10 right now simulated beadlocks black rims with the "D" type holes, but I had to put on a spacer in order to clear the calipers which I dont want to do. I want to run 15x8 for tha taller skinnier look, also a lighter rim these are for a 35x12.50 tire. I would like to buy black rims again but the ones with the larger holes all around, 4 wheel parts has them (series 97) but no one seems to know what would actually fit. The manual on the fabtech lift says to run 3 3/4 backspacing on a 15x8 with a 35" tire, but I heard of members before having to run a spacer with this backspacing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The required backspacing is 3.25". Here is where I found it

i am told that anything under 4" should be ok. And if they are off a little you could always buy some spacers. The backspacing is not only important on this truck to keep the tires from rubbing on the frame fenders etc. but also keeps the rim from rubbing on the calipers. My buddy had rockcrawlers put on his 97 taco by Walmart and drove off with out checking clearances. He now has two lines on each caliper about 1/8" deep. Needless to say he added some spacers.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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