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Okay, hey all! How we doin?? I have a few questions before I proceed to purchase new wheels and tires.

I am currently running stock wheels on 33" BFG muds. I have a 2001 silver Taco with 3" of suspension lift. (CB's 3" spacer in front and a 3" AAL in the rear.)

My first question is, well my '01 taco prerunner came with 16" upgraded alloy wheels from the factory. Has anyone else with an 01 prerunner attempted to fit 15" wheels or does the brake caliper get in the way?

My second question/request is this...I am getting some new tires because I have had my muds for a few years and just about worn out. I am going to go with A/T's because I don't get the chance to wheel so much. My perdicament is between BFG's, Bridgestone, and Nitto. I love the BFG at's look because it is quite meaty for an all-terrain. But the Nitto's seem kinda beefy...Does anyone have pictures with perhaps a similar truck as mine with Nitto's or Bridgestone A/Ts?

My third question is what wheels do you recommend look the best on my setup? Silver Prerunner with 3" of lift. Anyone with some pics that they can post to show what my truck would look like on a different rim. I love the Mickey T Classic Locks and Classic II's...Any pics of trucks with those? Or MB Motorsports wheels? Maybe Eagle 058's?

Thanks for any info everyone, much appreciated!
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