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1983 Hilux (Rock Crawler) 22R engine, Black Smoke, After Burn, exhaust smells like fuel.

Starts right up when the key is turned. tapping the pedal gives a puff of smelly dark black smoke, keep it down a bit and let up and one gets the bang from the pipe (after burn). Going up a incline it typically stumbles. have to rev the engine to clear it up.

I start replacing parts that I have had issue's before with other 22r engines in these trucks, when that did not work I did some more. In then end I started using parts in my parts bin from trucks I had in the past. It is harder and harder to find parts for the 83's.

Have replaced the following and the issue has not been solved
Spark Plugs (NEW)
Mechanical Fuel Pump (NEW)
Distributor/cap/rotor (NEW)
Carburetor (NEW)
VCV + filter
HAC (Federal model)
EDR Vacuum Modulator
Many Hoses (new)

Timing is right on, adjusted the Valves.

Good old 83 Hilux/Pickup 5 speed 22R, factory no smog pump, basically no computer, old fashioned closed loop emissions system. Does not flash codes on the dash. no check engine light that I have ever seen on the dash in 20 years.

Need some thoughts on what the problem can be.

Send me an email besides posting.

Thank You
Take Care

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What about sparkplug wires, you change them out, or check resistance?
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