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Posting for a buddy of mine. Please contact him directly.

Seattle Area
$4,000 OBO
1987 Toyota Turbo Pickup w/ Custom Cab conversion done by California Custom Cabs
30K on rebuilt engine
30K on brand new TEC turbo upgrade w/ 2 ½ in hi-flo exhaust all the way out (down pipe, cat, muffler) (
30K on resurfaced fly wheel and heavy duty clutch
2” lift
Brand new battery
All fluids switched to synthetic (diffs/tranny)
Straight body w/ some rust in the typical bed locations

Spares include:
Pair of rotors
Set of wheels and tires
Rebuilt A/C compressor and all parts needed for 134a conversion
Extra AFM
Spare Radiator (used, but reusable)

Photos at

Josh Dunn
[email protected]
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