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1989 Mazda for sale :::SOLD:::

Car is sold, Thanks. :)

In Las Vegas right now, will give some details....I used to be on the Delphi Site as Ibedddave, sold my 2001 DC to buy this car and now bought 1988 4x4 truck. :)
Turbo 4 cyl
front wheel drive
4 wheel steering
118,000 miles
Black paint 1 year old, original color
Grey interior
Power everything, tilt, cruise
New alternator, master clyinder
all original
AC blows cold
Moon roof works, slides/pops up
0-60 about 8 seconds, will spin tires in 3rd gear with wet pavement, 2nd with dry pavement
top speed 133, documented in magazine
Minor things wrong, minor dings, may need tires
uses quart of oil about 3.000 miles, no leaks, passed smog easily
All I can think of for now
Kbb low $1810.00 High $3030.00 Asking $2500.00
I had a red MX6 that I traded in with 225,000 so I know this car will last just as long.
E-mail me for pictures [email protected]
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