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1993 Toyota Pickup Crawler *now with pics!

I have a 1993 Toyota Truck for sale, with the following;

Toyota front 8" trussed axle w/ 4.56 gears, full Detroit locker, Marlin high steer, Original 30 spline Bobby Longfields, Alcan springs (spring over) V6 brake upgrade.

Mitsubishi rear 9.5" axle w/ 4.63 gears, air locker, 31 spline axles, disc brakes, Alcan springs (spring over)

Marlin twin sticked gear driven 4.7:1 transfer case, Budbuilt crossmember and driveline brake

Engine is a 3.0 V6 with 111k miles, aluminum radiator and K&N air filter kit. otherwise all stock

Trans is the R150F, 35x13.5R15 Toyo M/T tires with OK tread

Interior is rough but completely serviceable and as comfortable as a single cab can get. The truck was originally an extended cab, it is now a single cab first gen Mighty Max, I plan to build and install a flatbed to accommodate the longer wheelbase eventually (price will go up slightly at that point). Currently it has a modified short bed but it's more work than it's worth to make it nice considering it's a crawler and will likely take damage at some point. It also has Allpro Rock sliders installed and a simple steel bumper on the rear, front bumper is stock. NO HEAT NO AC!!! it could be easily added if one chose to. This truck drives on the highway just fine and I would take it on the Dusy Ershim this fall but it's a single cab and I'm a family man wanting to take the family to the Sierras for the first time this year. The truck is pretty cool but I need to focus on my Montero and I'm just not getting use out of this one.

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