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1999 Ext Cab Tacoma SR5 TRD 4x4 white with tan interior (Does not have sunroof every other option though power everything.)
96k miles
3.4 v6 supercharged
URD fuel mods (Injectors, pump, control unit,URD instructions and software..)
URD 2.2 pulley
URD 5spd short shifter
TRD exhaust
TRD headers
K&N filter
(its fast i am not claiming any HP because I don't know)

Suspension: (less than 7k on it)
3" Donnahoe coilovers
10 leaf deavers
32" Mud terrains, black steel simulocks
Bilstein 5100s
SS rear brake line
Tow package

Limo tinted windows
Custom tube front bumper 1.75" DOM .120 wall, bolt on(I'll get some pics)
2x2 Sliders (from a company can't remember the name, welded using angle iron to the frame)
Pioneer deck
Bazooka sub, sounds good for cab size..

Stock parts included:
All stuff to remove URD kit(pulley, shifter bolts, injectors, thermostat, fuel pump)
stock 6 disc stereo
Another set of MT aluminum wheels if you prefer that look.
Intake, if you ever remove supercharger.
Factory service manuals the 500+ page books for trouble shooting and maintenance.
Do NOT have stock front bumper.
I do NOT have the stock exhaust manifolds, or suspension.

The only bad:
It needs a passenger CV replaced as the boot tore. I have poly steering bushings i was going to put in when i did it so those will be included.
Small tear in drivers seat from getting in/out.
few minor scratches from the life of a truck otherwise perfect

(I am a honest guy, I hate buying something and finding issues after, take that for what its worth.)

I NEVER wheeled this truck, the previous owner used it for camping/light wheeling with his wife and daughter. The only dirt I ever had it in was going dirt biking, and a few tahoe trips. Its a well built truck and nothing was spared for a cheaper part. Has been fully synthetic every 3-4k miles, with premium gas its whole life. Never towed anything more than a car hauler with 800ft of tube.

Taking offers but ill toss out 16k, just so people don't. pull the 'you have to post price. I am only selling because I will commuting 65+ miles a day from school to work and this is NOT a practical commuter was a great DD though.:rolleyes: . Nothing wrong with it, but it would cost to much money and i would be wasting the mods to commute.

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Yup, 5spd manual with the URD short shifter, and its a true TRD didn't know people ran the sticker without the locker.. but yeah fully functional locker.

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Hey sorry i was out MTN biking all weekend and ended up with poison oak, haven't had a chance to do much since i got back work and school is 99% of my time

The truck is tentatively sold, to a friend. I will let anyone know if it falls through. My deepest appologies for leaving anyone hanging.
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