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Hey All,
I have 2 ToyTec rear shackles that will give your Taco 2" of lift. Please note that with the ToyTec shackles you need to do some trimming on the rubber bushings that cover the outside of the leafspring in order for them to fit. (that is unless you decide to cut the shackle in half to make it wider.)

Anyway, they are brand new. I was going to install them on my Tacoma, however I really don't feel like trimming the rubber inserts on my leafsprings, re-locating my exhaust, or messing with them any longer. I've actually decided to opt for the add-a-leaf's to get the same amount of lift.

$40 takes em both. They sell for $89.99 on their web site...

I work in North Phoenix, and live way out in the sticks so I'll drive and meet somewhere to pick them up.
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