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2000 Toyota Tacoma
2.7 liter w/ 77,xxx miles
W59 tranny
mini truck dual cases with marlin adaptors
Bud Built crossmember
Allpro transfercase e-brake
high angle front driveshaft
rear shaft is 3" .250 wall.
tjm front bumper w/ warn m8000
tube bed with led lights
Kenwood CD/MP3
CB, can't remember the brand
Hand throttle on shifter
guage cluster was swapped out of v6 truck, so it has tach and all the other guages.
AC blows good and cold

Front axle/suspension:
'84 toyota front w/ 2 1/4 wheel spacers
4.88s with lockright
longfield treated birfs
cross drilled rotors
5 leaf waggy springs
Doesch tech shocks
Ford shock towers

Stock tacoma rear
4.88s with ARB
disc brakes
alcan springs
doesch tech shocks

running 36 TSLs on 15x8 black steelies w/ DIY beadlocks
front tires are brand new, rears aren't bad and have been grooved.
or 37 BFG Muds on 17x9 soft 8s w/ 50% tread or better.

the truck could be used for a DD if rear driveshaft was balanced and more streetable tires. I used it for a dd last summer, but I don't mind the ride.

Located in Chattanooga, Tn



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twistytaco said:
it drives fine with the spacers, it's the swampers on beadlocks that cause it to be not so smooth. When I had a set dd tires it was great.
Bump for a well built rig, with a new/balanced rear shaft and the 37" bfg's it would make a great DD/trail rig at a GREAT price


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again wtf??? :confused:
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