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o all,

I'm new to this forum and my search for an answer to my truck's problem so far has not been successful.

Here are the stats: 2001 Prerunner (2WD, V6 Auto Trans, 225K miles). I'm the original owner.

Here is the problem: Brake shudder in the pedal only - Not in the steering wheel

Here is what I've done so far: New brake rotors and pads from Raybestos.

By way of background: All new front suspension including, shocks, springs, ball joints, tie-rods, upper and lower control arms, upper and lower ball joints, and steering rack - Front bearings are original - None of this work was done trying to solve the brake shudder issue and brake shudder has not been introduced by these component replacements nor changed in severity afterward.

Measured Rotor Runout using 80 ft/lb lug nut torque: 5/10,000ths on driver's side, 7/10,000ths on passenger's side - and, yes, this is 10,000ths not 1000ths.

Also: Double checked that the pulsations were not coming from the back brakes by using the parking brake at freeway speeds - smooth stop each time.

So, I'm stumped - If I have on-vehicle rotors turned, will the runout be any lower and how low does it have to be to get smooth braking?
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