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Want a stock Tacoma? This is not the Tacoma for you. This is the Tacoma Timmy Cameron would drive if he wasn't busy trying to keep his buggies together. Its set up to go up rocks, and go fast up rocks. Who doesn't like to go up rocks?! Terrorists, thats who. Are you a terrorist? No? Then you need this truck.

Crawling? This truck handles like a TacomaJD on the primos bypass. Go up rocks so slow, your grandmother could pass you, and not even care..

Whats that? You like bouncing? Well I've got some great news for you. This truck can bounce over speedbumps like you wouldn’t believe!

Truck beds are for women so its long gone. This truck literally oozes testosterone. So much so that its puddling up on the flatbed.

Seats? This bad boy has got two. One for you, and one for the hot chicks that are gonna be all over you after you buy my truck. You're a girl? This truck works both ways. One seat for you, and one seat for that lame dude having to ride shotgun in your manly truck. Deal with it.

Stereos and AC are for hippies. Fortunately this truck has both. Kinda. The radio hasn’t been working but who needs a radio? Oh look at me, I like listen to One Direction and think about kittens. Forget that. The only noises you're gonna be hearing is the ultra manly engine noises coming from this sweet TRD supercharged, 3.4l V6 of fury. .

This truck has got 1.2 metric tons of awesome parts. Marlin, All Pro, Warn, Level 10, the list doesn't END. It just keeps going and going, like the energizer bunny on speed.

I can’t believe I am even thinkin about selling this massive beast, but its time to part ways. This is the Tacoma of all Tacomas, personally cleansed with tears of Tim Cameron himself.

I get it. You're busy, I'm busy, lets not waste time. If you're interested send me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP. You send me a message, I send you one right back. Thats how this works. This bad boy is located in Auburn, Alabama. I can deliver it for some diesel money, because that’s how I roll. $19k or trade for a buggy.

2001 Taco Xcab
Power windows, door locks, cruise, ICE COLD AC, blah blah blah.
Nice clean and clear title in hand.

101,xxx miles
TRD Supercharged 3.4 w/Supra Injectors and Split Second Piggyback computer (plus the usual fuel mods)
TRD Headers/Y-pipe/Exhaust
Auto trans Valve body by Level 10 and Level 10 TC
Dual cases (Marlin/stock)
FROR Cross member and Skid
PSC Hydro assist- PS pump with ported mini truck box, cooler, ram, and reservoir
Dual diaphragm brake booster with one ton master cylinder
SS braided brake lines on front

HP Ford D60 front
Poison Spyder diff cover
Longfield spindle bearing eliminator bushings
.250 steering with hiems
Toyota flange
Double cardan High Angle Driveline driveshaft

14 bolt rear (shaved)
Ruff Stuff diff cover
Disk brakes
High angle driveline Toyota flange
Double cardan .250 wall driveshaft


3 link with panhard
Walker Evans 12" Coilovers 100/300

63” chevy springs with frenched ruffstuff hangers
Walker Evans Shocks

(4) 39.5/14/16 iroks on DIY beadlocks.
(1) 39.5/18/15 Bogger on bling chrome wagon wheel

Interior roll cage
Flatbed with spare tire mount and custom toolbox. (Frame has been bobbed about 12”)
Allpro front bumper
Warn XD9000i winch with Custom Splice synthetic rope
AllPro sliders
Tube doors
Glassworks fiberglass fenders are included but not installed.
20lb aluminum CO2 tank with source air regulator
and all the spare parts I can come up with.

One spot of body damage on the cab right behind passenger side extra cab window. The suspension flexes like crazy. 25" frame to ground.

Pretty much all of these pictures were before a swapped to the 63" springs a few weeks ago. The rear use to flex good, but now its great.

Some of the videos are on the old axles (D44, factory rear)

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Points for a good ad!! Hate to see ya sell it tho!
I am still not sure what I am thinking listing it for sale.... I think its just time for a buggy. Something I can roll, the roll it back over and keep riding. Ive worked really hard to keep the body of this truck straight and tired of worrying with it!

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Most epic ad ever. Good luck!

3,527 Posts
tree fiddy

3,527 Posts
pass. lol.

Hope you find the right buyer out there.
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