Hi guys,

Just a quick post to gauge interest here. Going to be selling my 2001 soon. Got a 2023 MT coming :) Truck is in great shape for its age/miles. Runs good and has never needed major work. Original clutch, Transmission etc… I’ve replaced the rear axle seals, injectors, water pump.. It has sprung a leak recently. I had the oil, front diff, transmission and transfer case fluids changed at the end of March. It started leaking soon after. Transfer case gasket perhaps? I haven’t had time to get it checked out yet. Only really leaks while running. Not sure if they added too much fluid or it was just time. Hard to replace the gasket and not just go ahead and do it all with the mileage. Interior is in good shape. Seats and dash have always been covered. Small dent in the back corner. Not creased.. Just needs a dent guy to work it out. Paint is in really good shape on the truck. Clear coat has started to come off in spots on the shell.

I’ll post some proper pictures in a couple days. These are just a few that I have on my phone. Won’t let those vultures at the dealership have it. I’d like it to go to a Tacoma guy/gal who will treat it right. It’s been good to me.. Haven’t thought too much about price yet. I believe the high end on KBB is around 7k. Any questions in the meantime just ask!