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2002 pre runner w/ 1" spacer lift. 32x11.5?

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can i get 32x11.5R15 w\ 3.75 bs on my 2002 prerunner with a 1" spacer lift in the front. i wanted to even out my truck and 1" in the front will do it. can i get those size tires in without too much rubbing. i offroad real mild with it, just trails and some rocks.
thanks for any help
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ocdp2000 said:
right on, thanks ill look into that. 32x11.5 will be plenty of tire for me, itll fill the wheel well nice im sure. 33s are a headache with regearing , gas mileage, bogging, etc...once people regear i guess its fine but thats another 1000 bucks i dont have. just wandering if anyone had 32x11.5 on their stock tacoma and what issues they had with it.thanks for replying.
I have the same concerns... I want to do a lift, but $$ is tight now, but tires are bald, so tires are a must... lift comes later, but dont want to buy tires twice in 1 year or 2 years
Yes I have used that "search" thingy... the most i found was this thread
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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