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In late Feb (2018) I traded my 2003 silver Doublecab in on a 2018 Tundra CrewMax. I love it.
This post is because I still have some stuff that I would have given with the truck, but they sent it to auction, so I have no idea where it is.
It had coil overs up front and Deavers in the rear with 33’s; rims from Wheelers;
Sliders and bumpers by DeMello, a Warn winch and Warn manual hubs.

I have new Bushwackers bed rails and tailgate rail (paid $150); the cord/switch for the winch; both of the big thick shop manuals ($$$); the stock rims and lug nuts; a DeMello light bar for the bed; a pillar gauge pod for the driver’s side column (double) (paid about $50); the stock front hubs (I put the Warn Manual hubs on at about 10,000 miles); and probably some other stuff I can’t remember.

I’m in AZ. Anybody want the whole package for $90?
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