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This tacoma is being retired from service at 240k miles, mostly highway. This was a daily work truck, so the bed, tailgate and topper are not in the best condition. The rear passenger shock mount snapped off sitting in traffic and took a chunk of the frame with it. Luckily I caught it as it happened, so there’s no damage to any other components. If I had the resources I would be doing a frame swap, but sadly I don’t.

Located in the Princeton NJ area.

If any of these prices seem off to you, just make your best offer.
Anything not on this list, just ask for it.
You pay for shipping. Larger items preferred to be picked up locally.

Drive Shaft Rear -New U-Joints- $170
Drive Shaft Front $100
Transfer Case $350
Front Diff $300
5-speed $700
5VZ-FE -Timing Belt/Water Pump/AC Compressor/Alternator Replaced @ 200k- $700
Rear Axle -3.8 ratio, Comes with rebuild kit and press tool- $350
Hubs/Spindles -Comes with new bearings uninstalled- $250 for the set
Lower Control Arms $100 for the set
Upper Control Arms $100 for the set

Cab -some scratches, minor surface rust- $500
Doors -some small dents- $100 a piece
Fenders $70 a piece
Hood -kinda fucked- $30
Bed -patched rust holes, lots of scratches/dents- $170
Tailgate -make an offer
Tail lights $100 for the set
Head lights $180 for the set
Head light buckets $100 for the set
Corner lights $60 for the set
Bumper lights $60 for the set
Mirrors $100 for the set
Radiator -20k miles- $80
Gas Tank $150
Charcoal Canister $150
OEM Towing Package Hitch $150
Front Bumper -Some Rust/Scratches- $100
Rear Bumper $100
LEER Bed topper -new handle/lock, comes with keys- $500
OEM Rims + Cooper Discoverer STT Pro’s 265/75R16 - only 2000 miles on these tires $800

Seats -drivers seat has tears, passenger seat in good condition- $50/$100 respectively
Radio bezel $60
Cluster surround $60
Dash $100
Steering Wheel $50
Map lights $50
Kick panels $40
Door trim $40
Glove box $40
Heater controls $40
Rear trim - $40
Windows $50 each
Rear sliding window $100
Pop windows $50 each
Door panels $40 each
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