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Quad is an 05, which I bought new in april 06.
Thing has between 600-700 miles on it ( I cant recall exactly)
tires are still original and in great shape . it needs one running board replaced which cost $125 from the dealer. Other than that, its in excellent shape aside from typical scratches and such. its never been wrecked hard, I layed it over on its side once driving up a ravine slowly, wasnt hard enough to even dig the handlebar into the ground, other than that no wrecks on it.
Has 4years extended warrenty, and should be transferable. But I'm not sure.
It also has a 1500 pound winch and a polaris brushguard.
It has only been past the running boards in water/mud a couple of times but there has never been any water in any of the fluids. Its never been deep enough to touch the seat the few times it has been deeper than the boards.
There is nothing mechanically wrong with this quad, take it home and ride the crap out of it.

I'm looking at $4,000 OBO, trades would be considered.

I'll get a clean photo once I wash it.
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