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I've been around this forum for a couple of years off and on, and have found great information when needed. I'm selling my '98 Xtra cab V6 today with 181K miles on the clock. Best vehicle I've ever had!

Tomorrow I pick up my 2005 TRD Off Road access cab. I've searched the forums over the past week or so and have found some hesitation and difference in opinions when it comes to the 2005 Tacos. I know the comfort level of the new generation is higher than the old, but hopefully the mechanical engineering is up to par as well.

When I found this place a couple of years ago, I gained some very important information on maintenance, such as the 30K service info on , as well as the online FSM. Does any such information exist for the newest generation of trucks?

If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be great!! :)

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