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2005 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner SR5 Regular Cab

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Just purchased my first new truck on Monday, its a silver 2005 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner w/ the SR5 package. I love this truck, looked at or drove everything under the sun, this truck is built like a tank and drives like a sports car, ride is also amazing and the cab is quiet. Iam also very impressed by the power of the 2.7 DOHC engine, I havent even ran the tach past 4K yet, breakin to 1000 miles and Iam only at 265. First half tank of gas went 220 or better, simply amazing, just got back from the dealer were I picked up some rubber floor mats they ordered for me expensive but very nice, theyre the exact same size and shape of the carpeted mats, seat covers are next, but for $200 that will have to wait a couple more weeks. The SR5 package is the way to go, limited - slip is a must around these parts and it seems to work very good, if you havent drove a new 2005 yet, dont UNless you plan to buy one , Toyota really did their homework on this one. What a truck...
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1st fillup

This is a rough estimate since I didnt fill the truck up at the dealer. Filled the truck up with 93 octane at 358 miles on the first tank 21.7 mpg, truck has been run easy and very little interstate travel and alot of time sitting idleing, not bad for break-in time, no problems to report, and for a Prerunner it goes great in the snow.. Gas mileage should greatly improve next tank, supposed to warm up so less time idleing. Thanks --- by the way great place here, keep up the good work. :)
All 2005 SR5 models do, Iam not about older model SR5's, and thanks, I love this truck.
The SR5 package is a true limited-slip differental, and works great, I drove the same truck - the SR5 package and they spin very easy, it doesnt have anything to do with brakes. Now traction-control does and will actually cut gas feed through the injectors to keep the wheels from spining. I could go indepth but many people wouldnt understand and Id be typing a long time LOL. Thanks, and have a great day.
I have package #1 also, I have everything listed under SR5 Equipment except Fog lamps and upgraded seat fabric, and the sticker sez Sr5 package #1, Iam confused, Ill be back with more. Thanks
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