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My name is actually Chris Kennedy i live in Allen, Texas (its a little north of dallas) for those of you who arent really familar with the area. I do apologize for the misunderstanding that has occured here in this thread. The guy who originally posted this thread about that Raptor is a good friend of mine, named josh (using my old profile) and he was trying to do me a favor by attempting to sell my four wheeler on here on ttora. While i appreciate his efforts, apparently all he has done is make a complete ass of himself, and make my four wheeler out to be something its not.

So i am going to make some sort of sense out of this for the people who are interested in buying it from me.

It is a 2006 Yamaha Raptor 700r, it has the second tank of gas its ever had in it right now, and one or two dings on it from me romping on it once or twice. Probably a total of 4 hours on it. The ONLY things is has on it is brand new renthal (raptor bend) atv bars, renthal grips, and two bros. racing exhaust pipe that makes it loud as hell. I bought it for 8,200 and it needs to go pretty quick, reason being, i bought a brand new 2007 r6 and i need the cash for the down payment on the first bill. Its worth 6,600 but i will take no less than 5,500 (that is the only part that he posted that is in fact correct). As far as the z06 goes...that was a croc of shit. I raced a stock c6 at redline raceway and beat it in the 1/8 mile, and the only reason i think i beat it then is because the guy was toying with me.

All in all its a badass four wheeler and i love it, and all 4 hours that ive ridden on it unfortunately. But i no longer have any place to ride it anymore because i have moved into the city and there really isnt any place within driving distance that i want to drive to. Anyone who wants a powerful ass machine that is fun at the same time and easy enough to ride..this is the wheeler to have.

Again i do apologize, my friend is a dumbass..some people cant help being what they are naturally good at i suppose :cool: But feel free to PM me or let me know if anyone is interested.


-the REAL chris

btw: i dont have any pictures as of right now because its on consignment with a dealer but i will have some eventually (within the next couple days) so bare with me. For the time being just go to and go to the sport section of the atv's and look at the white 2006 model raptor 700r and thats exactly what mine looks like plus some exhaust and a renthal bar pad.
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