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Hey ya'll, wake up! I just got three nights at the Days Inn for the 3,4,5 Aug. $42 ea, non-smoke, single. Call 'em!

I guess that I can't back out now huh? It's been a very, very long time.

Uh, those are the right dates....right?:p

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Since Dunk is looking for more banter, I have the following to offer:

To the camping crowd, northbound on 550, on friday the third:

I will get a late start to Farmington that afternoon. I will be coming from the Rio Grande corridor (ABQ-Santa Fe-Los Alamos). Likely via NM126 up through the Jemez with a stop at the hotsprings. Friday night I will likely camp at Angel Peak Nat'l Rec area. 16 campsites at a pretty wicked "badlands" environment. Then up early saturday for the Takeover, about 25-30 miles away, if I recall correctly.

Sound appealing to anyone? I think I could easily be swayed into camping in the Jemez or Chaco, if others want to.
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