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I have a 2010 Tundra 4.6L v8 base model 4wd. I just replaced the hvac box with heater core, and my chip key just went out the truck cranked but wouldn’t fire. I got a new key made and the truck fired up and died and does the same thing every time it won’t stay running I have no codes for any sensors. And the only codes I have are small evap leaks and secondary air pump that have been on since I got the truck and the truck ran fine with the codes and from what I read up on the code none of them can disable or stop the truck from starting. I went back and double check my work and found nothing. I’ve replaced the fuel pump, the pedal, and coolant temp sensor out of a recommended comment and I just put a new battery, new fuel pump, fuse and relay and new starter relay, also new MAF sensor. I’ve went to college for automotive and worked for automotive for 2 years and I’m completely stumped. I have a 2000 tundra but doesn’t have all the bs on it that my 2010 does. Anyone have any ideas? I have spark, fuel, and air.
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