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So my brother and I made it out to Tin Benders today we showed up a bit late but we found our usual group of suspects and went out and ran Spooners. We didn't get to stick around much after the run because we had some prior engagements this evening. If I didn't get a chance to see you out there sorry about that...but when we should up everyone had already left to run trails.

For those of you who were on the trail with us...even though I took a lot of shots today I won't be posting many. I was testing out a new camera today and I was not really happy with a lot of the shots. I had to weed through them and select the ones that were ok...sorry about that guys! Next time I will bring out the good equipment. lol

Here are a couple from today that I can actually stand posting...

**If anyone is interested in using my shots please contact me, and if you like my work and you are in a shot go ahead an Tag yourself in the shot on FaceBook!**

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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