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The amazing machines I’ve been lucky enough to test have brought me to some extreme places.

From pushing my limits behind the wheel of a Lamborghini on a Spanish race track to fording a river of melting glacier water in a Land Rover in Iceland, I’ve been to some amazing places. But my latest is certainly the most epic of any adventure yet: driving one of the world’s most capable off-roaders, the Toyota Land Cruiser, through what might be the planet’s most remote and dangerous environment: the Australian Outback.

So why would Toyota fly me 10,000 miles to drive a truck that no one really buys? My guess is that it makes for a great story, because when you think about it, the Land Cruiser is a quintessentially Australian machine.

It’s modern and sophisticated, much like the Aussies themselves, and yet, it’s designed to handle the most rugged of terrain. After all, we’re talking about a people who built civilization on a continent where pretty much everything wants to kill you.

So what’s new about the Land Cruiser and why should you care? The first part of that question is much easier to answer. The short story is there’s a new look, a new transmission, plus new safety and convenience features.

The second part of that question is the one I’ve been asking myself since I first started researching all the deadly wildlife native to Australia, from the snakes to the spiders and the drop bears. The answer is far less clear.

But let’s get back to the what’s new.
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