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My company is trying to upgrade to LCDs, but first we have to get rid of a bunch of CRTs. Here is what we have. Some are older and heavier, and some are higher quality. Prices are negotiable, but I have to post something so:
Manufacturer Model Size Quantity remarks Price (each)
Dell-Sony D1626HT 21 2 NFS - yet
Dell-Sony P1130 21 1 Flat Screen NFS - yet
ViewSonic P810 21 2 $80
Cornerstone 21/81 fp 21 2 $45
Cornerstone 50/101 sf 21 1 $45
PanaSync E21 21 2 $65
PanaSync E110 21 1 Not working
Panasonic PM17 17 1 $15
Smile Int'l CB6536SL 15 1 Come and get it

The Dells are very nice monitors, and they are on my desk at the moment (yes, all three). I am not willing to part with them unless you make a very worthwhile offer. All of the others accept the E110 work just fine and we are really just trying to offset the cost of new LCDs.....paying to recycle 21" monitors can be expensive, especially when they are totally functional. PM or e-mail me and we will make a deal!
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