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OK guys, haven't bugged you in a while, so here I go:
1987 Toyota 4Runner, 22re, 5 speed, SR5.
Son drove it, literally threw a rod through the side of the block. I got a reman from 123Engine, put it in. Finally got it timed right enough to start, and it does, but then surges between 1600 and 2200 RPM, constantly, on about a 1 second cycle. Tried hunting for vacuum leaks with starting fluid to no avail. When I pulled the air intake hose off the aircleaner box, the engine died IMMEDIATELY. While the air intake hose was off the box, it would start for 1/2 second and then die. When the air intake hose was put back on again, the engine started right off and ran, but the surge continued. Pulled the lid off the air cleaner box with the hose to the throttle body attached, and the engine stills runs (with surge). With a mirror, I can see the flapper valve moving inside the lid allowing air to pass or not; it is in time with the surge. This is an electrically controlled valve. I would've thought with a malfunction, removing the air intake hose would've helped, but again, the engine dies IMMEDIATELY if you do this. The fuel filter is NEW, the fuel pump is pressurizing the lines, and the fuel injectors are NEW. Ideas, please.
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